Alberta’s Renovation Industry

You’ve resolved to reestablish your home. That is amazing news! Renovations are a terrific way to really have your home you’ve always wanted with of the hassles of custom or moving building. Were you aware that by renovating your home, you donate to among Alberta’s top businesses? The construction industry employs 10.5percent of their labor force in Alberta. That’s a significant number. Of the jobs, 14,457 have been in Edmonton, also 14,394 at Calgary.

What exactly is recognized as a renovation? A renovation would be your act of growing, improving, or shifting your current home in just about any way. A project is considered a renovation if a structure is developed ontop of an present base, whatever the degree of brand new construction.


In 2017, Alberta had absolute control of 2,286,900. The state’s construction industry employs 241,000 earning a job share of 10.5 percent. The business is projected to grow an extra 1.4percent by 2021.


That is approximately 75,000 construction jobs 14,394 which can be from exactly the renovations category.

In 20-16, renovation value exceeding $2.4 billion. It really is but one among the strongest sole wealth-building businesses for Calgary families. $990 million has been allocated to salary. This number could be your sum total purchases for Calgary. All these are major contributions to this market.


Together with 14,457 employees inside the renovation industry that makes up about 26 percent of the construction industry within the area. This can help to keep the biggest sole wealth-building industry in Edmonton. $996 million has been allocated to salary. This number could be your sum total purchases for Edmonton.

We are in the business for almost 4 decades. With more than one million customers served and jobs done, we’ve established ourselves among those renovation industry’s greatest businesses. You may rest easy now, knowing your home has helped benefit most employees and their loved ones who work in the renovation industry.

Ultimate Homes & Renovations was doing quality work with homes in Calgary and Edmonton as 1979.

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