Need to know if someone is in a romantic relationship via Facebook? Want to change your status from Single to Committed on Facebook? This is very easy to do and will take no more than two minutes.

We will explain step by step What put a report on facebook so you can add it to your profile information and notify other users that you are in a different emotional state. Read on to learn more!

How to put a romantic relationship on facebook from the mobile application

This procedure is very simple, with a few tricks you will already change your sentimental status on Facebook, and what you need to do is the following:

  1. Access the Facebook app from your mobile device and, once there, press the button three horizontal lines located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Now select View profile to access it.
  3. Once inside your profile, click on the three horizontal dots which are under your profile name on the right hand side.
    press the three points
  4. Now select the option Edit profile.
  5. Then look for the section Details which is below, where you have the section of Emotional situation click Change.
  6. Below, as a last option you have to change your sentimental status, press the pencil located on the right side to start editing it.
  7. A drop-down menu will appear on the left side, click on it to change your relationship situation.
  8. Several alternatives will appear to add, select your current relationship situation.
  9. You can add a name and, if your partner is a Facebook user, they will receive a notification in which they can confirm that relationship and then it will also appear in their profile information. You can also set a date so that later, not only does Facebook know when the anniversary is, where it will create a special publication for you and your partner, but also to inform other users and friends.
  10. After completing what is necessary, click Save It’s ready! You will have already changed your relationship status on Facebook.

How to change the sentimental status on Facebook from the web

Access the official Facebook website from your browser and once inside the Facebook home screen you have to go to your profile you can do this with a click on the profile picture located in the upper right corner, or from the menu located on the left side of the screen.

You now have 2 options as a quick way to change your relationship status on Facebook and one of them is selecting Edit profile located under the profile name on the right side.

edit facebook profile

  1. Now go to the section Personalize your details and click Change.
  2. Now look for the section Emotional situation near the bottom and click the pencil on the right side.
  3. Now you will see another one appear pencil icon on the right side of Relationship Status, click on it to edit your relationship.
  4. Now a drop down click to change your relationship status, and after selecting the one you want, click Save it’s ready.
  5. Another alternative you have, and it may be the quickest and most practical way to put a relationship on Facebook, is the following:
  6. Go to Facebook and in your profile, click on Information it can be found in the options under your name.
  7. You will enter directly into the General Information configuration, where on the right side you will find the option for Emotional situation. Click on pencil icon which is in the lower right corner.


There you will have options to change your sentimental status. Beam click on the drop-down menu and then select the one you want. Once done, click Save to finish the procedure.

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This is a much more direct and faster way to change the sentimental status in the Facebook profile it is up to you to select the method that is most practical for you.

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