Do you need to locate a lost or stolen mobile phone? In this article you have the solution, as we will explain to you how to track a cellphone with gmail easy, fast and totally safe.

We will provide you with several alternatives that you can apply to find your mobile device very easily. Stay with us and find out how to reach it.

How can I locate my mobile with Gmail?

It is a very simple procedure, and if you want to use it to find your mobile, here we leave you step by step.

  1. Log in to the Google tool
  2. If your device has GPS enabled, you can view its exact location on the map.
    locate my mobile with gmail
  3. It has a control panel, where you can use the functions to communicate with your mobile.

Below we will explain how to use each of them and what functions they perform.

play audio

If you use this tool, your phone will start ringing like an alarm clock with a very loud volume for 5 minutes and most importantly, it will do so even if it is in silent or vibrating mode.

This option is very useful when your device is nearby but you can’t find it or can’t see it.

locking device

With this option you can completely lock your mobile, it is ideal when you know you have forgotten it somewhere outside the home or if you suspect that it has been stolen.


It has a custom message option, which will reach the device to the person who owns it.

Erase the device data

If the above tools didn’t work for you, this will be the last option you should select, as if you select it, all media files, calls, messages and any information you have on your SD card will be erased.

In case your phone does not have an internet connection when you activate this feature, it will automatically connect when it reconnects.

We recommend that you opt for this option, in case you know that it will no longer be possible to recover your mobile.

Locate a mobile phone using the Google application

You also have the option to download the official Google app known by the name find my device which allows you to find a mobile phone using another mobile phone.

  1. Using a friend or family member’s device, sign in to find my device by Google.
  2. After installing this app, select the option Log in as a guest.
  3. Now you have to enter the Gmail account associated with the stolen or lost cell phone, then you have to enter the password.
  4. You can now locate your mobile on the map that will appear on the screen.
    mobile location map
  5. If you haven’t activated GPS location at the moment, you can shows the path to where you were last time time or use the functions we have mentioned, play sounds, lock the device, etc.

How to enable location to track mobile using Gmail

It is essential that this configuration is done and, if you have not yet lost your mobile phone, start activating the GPS position, in case you find it one day due to theft or loss.


If you have a mobile of the latest models, all you have to do is lower the top bar of the screen and click on Position.


In case your device is older then this option is likely not appearing in the top bar, what you can do is the following:

  1. You have to go to the settings or settings of your mobile.
  2. Once inside, select the option Position
  3. You will observe a right side button tap it to activate the location.
  4. And ready, you will have the location of your working mobile and then you will be able to locate your mobile via Gmail.

What can I do if I cannot locate my mobile with Google?

If this is not achieved using Google, it is possible that location detection is not enabled on your device, but you can apply one last option as an alternative method.

  • First you need to get the IMEI of the mobile, a number that uniquely identifies your device. You can do this by marking * # 06 # on your phone.
  • As soon as you have the identification number, you can contact the manufacturer and request a triangulation of the signal, so you can know the exact location.
  • Finally, you can request the complete cancellation of the IMEI number, so that the mobile is totally unusable.

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