If you want to know which ones are the best pages to watch UFC online for free you shouldn’t keep looking, as here in Resimyuklet we will provide you with a list with the best and we will also mention some totally free applications.

Stay with us! Find out which of all is ideal for you with all this information that we will give you below.

The best pages to watch UFC online for free

Next, we will provide a list with the 10 best pages to watch UFC online for free so you can select the one that best suits your tastes.


With SportLemon you will find all the fun and UFC fights broadcast live and live.

Additionally, you can see content from other sports, such as:

  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Hockey

Without a doubt, it has a very large list of sports content. Its only downside is that its interface is in English, but being very intuitive, it makes it very easy to use.


This platform is totally free and on it you can find big league matches, offering users sports reports and all the results of the event you want to know.

Count with one wide range of channels where UFC links are live and direct connected.

We must point out that one of its drawbacks is that it has a lot of advertising, remember that it is a free streaming site and not everything can be perfect.

However, it is an excellent option for not only watching UFC fights and football matches, but also other sports and channels such as FOX, TNT, History Channel, and others.


Thanks to Pirlo TV you can enjoy all UFC fights for free at any time. Its live broadcasts are listed as one of the best.

His design it is very simple to use and by simply typing keywords into your search engine, you can find anything you want to see in seconds.


You have to keep in mind that this platform does not have a schedule for future matches, which is why you have to remember all the dates of each match you want to see.

pages to watch ufc online for free

Fight live.com

This platform is for exclusive use to see everything from the UFC, so you can have fun all live fights Plus, it’s totally free.

It has a counter, which takes the time of the missing hours or minutes before a new fight begins.

The design of its interface is very intuitive and easy to use, although we must point out that its advertisements are somewhat annoying, but that does not mean that it is not a great option for watching UFC fights.


With Cricfree.sc you will not only be able to watch UFC fights, but also any kind of martial arts.

To access the platform you will not need an excellent Internet connection, its organized interface makes it very simple and practical to use.

The best thing about this platform is that the You can enjoy the vast majority of content with excellent definition ie in HD.

Although it doesn’t have many links for UFC fights, you will surely find the most important ones, no doubt you can try this page.

live tv

While it seems like it only focuses on football, you can find plenty of UFC fights here as well. On this platform you have a large and varied content related to sport.

It has live and direct broadcasts but you have to keep in mind that its interface is somewhat complicated if you don’t handle the English language well.

The quality of the videos is good and you can find all kinds of content if you want to see other sports.

red flow

This page is very similar to Rojadirecta, in fact they have almost the same name, and that similarity is also found in their content.

With Redstream you can easily enjoy channels with UFC broadcasts online and completely free and wide availability in Spanish.

It does not contain excessive advertising, therefore you won’t always have those annoying ads while watching your favorite fights


It should be noted that this webpage is in Portuguese, but if you use the Google translator you will already have the interface translated into Spanish.


Futemax has a excellent video image quality and the broadcasts are made with everything related to UFC Brazil, always keeping up to date with all the updated news.

Its interface is very comfortable and easy to use, it has advertisements, but it is not annoying and annoying.

app to watch ufc online for free

UFC Combat Pass

Want to be aware of the latest UFC fights? Then this website can be an excellent option for you.

With UFC Fight Pass you will be able to see all fights anywhere in the world without missing a single one, having access to all live fights from all disciplines, see analysis and expert commentary and much more.

Your subscription is paying a not very high amount e the price varies according to the country you are in and although this list focuses on free pages, we couldn’t fail to name this wonderful option for watching the UFC with everything it includes.

Stream 2 Watch

With this platform you will have access to live broadcasts of UFC fights among other sports.

The image quality is acceptable, and although its interface is in English, you can use it without any problems thanks to its very intuitive nature.

It’s a good option if you want to look for UFC fights to watch online and for free, plus it’s not one of the most optimal, it’s very effective.

The best apps to watch UFC online

If you want to know which are the best applications to watch UFC from your mobile device, below we will describe in detail the list with the best 5 apps to consider:


Ustream has a wide variety of totally exclusive content and you can enjoy a wide range of options on channels where UFC fights are broadcast online and totally free.

If you want to enjoy every meeting with peace of mind, you need to have a stable internet connection to do so.

While it does have commercials, it won’t overrun while you watch a fight, and best of all, you’ll have access to live and direct broadcasts.

It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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It is the official UFC application that you can enjoy all fights live every week.

It has a huge number of subscribers, as it is recognized around the world, and it has a library with all the information you need about the UFC.

If you want to have all the UFC news and fights on your mobile device, no doubt this app will be more than useful. It is completely free and is available for iOS and Android.

Red direct application

Roja Directa has an official application, where you can watch UFC fights totally live and for free.

Like their website, it has a lot of sports-related content and you will find UFC fights running smoothly.

Its application is much more useful if we compare it with its web platform, as it is more practical when searching and searching for content. Its download is completely free and is compatible with iOS and Android systems.


This multimedia application allows you to watch all kinds of videos online and for free, including UFC fights.

Its interface is very simple and you can do it upload all the videos and channels you want to watch on your mobile device, thanks to the lists you create with links or by scanning QR codes.

Obviously it’s totally free, but keep in mind that you will have to upload the content yourself, so it will depend solely and exclusively on you. It is only compatible with Android devices.


The famous and renowned TV show has its official application, which is a great option for watching live sports.

If you want to enjoy every UFC match, this ESPN app will undoubtedly save you. It allows you to keep track of every match in UFC tournaments.

And in case you missed any, don’t worry, like ESPN will save all matches of any sport, in this case, UFC fights.

It is totally free, its interface is very comfortable and easy to use. You can download it for both Android and iOS devices.

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